About Us

"SMT-AHLMEC" is a modern and innovative company with long-term experience, providing high-quality products and services in the global building technology and equipment market.


Our main business, buying and selling construction machines of all kinds and sizes, is being accompanied by our flexible and reactive spare parts business and service for our  customers at any time.


"SMT-AHLMEC" is focused on building its product range to cater for the needs of the construction industry. We have a wide variety of construction equipment and technology available as a result of strategic partnerships with Chinese and European producers and local manufactures.

We work hard to earn a  reputation of high quality equipment supplier, reliable support and integrity in everything we do.


These ideals are reflected in our claim to provide - Strong Reliable Technology and Equipment - Strong Reliable Support, indicating that we focus on fulfilling all aspects of our customer's equipment needs over the long-term with exceptional service and support.