Electric Power Travelling Cranes

"SMT-AHLMEC" is the Dealer of the Chinese and domestic electric power cranes manufactures.

Our company is engaged in sales of various tipes of crane equipment:

- Gantry Cranes (from 3,2 t to 10,0 t),

- Semi Gantry  Cranes (from 3,2 t to 10,0 t),

- Single Girder Overhead  Cranes (from 1,0 t to 10,0 t),

- Double Girder Overhead  Cranes (from 5,0 t to 12,5 t),

- Jib Cranes (from 1,0 t to 3,2 t),

- Electric hoists,

- Electric winches,

- Crane Parts.

"SMT-AHLMEC" provides equipment installation, modification and maintenance producers' licenses as well.